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The "Deep Blue Sea" Bundle - 5x pockets + 10x inserts
  • $133.93
  • From $117.59


The "Golden Hour" Bundle - 5x pocket diapers + 10x inserts
  • $133.93
  • From $117.59


The "Crimson Sky" Bundle - 5x pockets + 10x inserts
  • $133.93
  • From $117.59


"Build-A-Bundle" - 5x pockets + 10x inserts
  • $133.93
  • From $117.59

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Whether you're new to cloth diapering or simply looking for some inspiration, we've got all of your cloth-questions answered & more!

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At Earth & Pebble we want to help you have a successful and easy cloth diapering experience!

All of our pocket cloth diapers come complete with your choice of either a microfiber or a bamboo insert so you can customize your diapers to your family's needs.

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The reviews are in!

I'm a HUGE fan of pocket diapers, and when I saw the Rose Gold Rainbows Print I just had to add it to our stash!


I was really hesitant to take on cloth diapers at first, but after trying earth & pebble's diapers on our almost 2 month old I will never go back to disposables!


The one-size fit is so perfect for my growing babies. I didn't want to have to buy a bunch of different sizes as the girls grew.


The bamboo liners are a god-send when it comes to overnight! I add it to the pocket just under the microfiber insert and NO MORE LEAKS! Amazing!


We just received our stash in the mail and are so excited to try out our new diapers! I love how you get a little laundry and care guide in the box. I've pinned mine next to the washer so my hubby can easily help out! XD


I love the double row of snap! My LO has chubby thighs and I was able to keep the waist nice and snug while loosening around the thighs. No more marks on my baby's legs!