5 Ways to Improve Your Wash Routine

5 Ways to Improve Your Wash Routine

It really CAN be this simple to wash your cloth diapers, but many of us have been overthinking it for years!  My best advice for finding the right wash routine for you: start simple, make changes if needed.


Here's a good example of a simple wash routine
Step 1: remove the poop and rinse diapers before throwing them in the washer.
Step 2: use a short pre-wash setting, with little to no detergent for your 1st wash.
Step 3: use a heavy main wash with detergent and warm water.
Step 4: dry.

Think about washing your most soiled clothes - it’s the same process.

And if this doesn’t work, then you can make adjustments and figure out things you can do to have a better experience.

If you are currently having trouble with your cloth diaper laundry check out my 5 ways to improve your wash routine.



When your diapers are still coming out stained and stinky it may be time to re-evaluate how much detergent you're using. Detergent buildup can prevent your diapers from getting the proper agitation they need and prevent all the "deposits" from rinsing out. Start by using the recommended amount on the package for your load size.


Choose a setting on your washer that allows all the water from your prewash to drain before you start your main wash! This may mean that you have to come back after your 1st wash to start the 2nd manually. But it's worth it to ensure your main wash is more of a bubble bath and less of a swamp!


Washing machines work by using agitation to clean the dirt off your clothes (and diapers). Think of the old school methods of rubbing two pieces of clothing together in a basin. If you're using too much (or too little) water your diapers won't get the proper agitation they need.


If your water is hard or soft there will be different considerations you may have to take in order to get those diapers looking (and smelling) fresh. Once you've tested your water, head over to your most trusted Cloth Diaper Educator and don't be afraid to ask for advice!


At the end of the day it is only laundry. Try not to over think it or to get too overwhelmed by ALL of the information online. Check out some trusted sources like Bailey at The Cloth Diaper Podcast, or join Anna at The Nerdy Momma's Facebook Group and tell them both I say "hi!".

Want to simplify your wash routine?  Download my free Simple Wash Routine.  Print it out and post it next to your washing machine so everyone in the house can help with the diaper laundry!