Top 6 Cloth Diaper "Must-Have" Accessories

Top 6 Cloth Diaper "Must-Have" Accessories

I’ve always been a bit of a minimalist - whether it's because I TRULY believe I’ll find Zen by having fewer things, or simply because I just hate spending my money on unnecessary things is still up for debate. So it was no surprise to anyone that I bought the bare minimum when we started cloth diapering our little one, and MacGyver-ed the rest.  

At the beginning all I had was our original stash (all preloved), a couple of bins for dirty nappies, and some cheap “wet bags” I got from the dollar store (spoiler.. they were the worst!)  I had also bought a diaper sprayer, however, it wasn’t a good fit for our toilet and it ended up leaking.  Needless to say, we ditched it pretty quickly and became a dunk-n-swish family.

Fast forward almost two years into our cloth diapering journey and I’ve added a few items to my “Cloth Diaper Must-Haves” list that will make every cloth parent’s life a bit easier.  

Here are the top 6 accessories I wish I had bought the first time!


1) Good quality wet bags

wet bags for cloth diaperspail bags for cloth diapers

I think this one is pretty self explanatory.  Whether you’re using them in or out of the house, you’re going to want a wet bag that does it’s job right the first time!   My advice is to get a handful of different sized bags.  We have a few big ones that act as pail liners and house our dirty diapers until laundry day, and a handful of smaller ones to take with us when we’re out and about, and to send to daycare.

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2) Diaper Sprayer

cloth diaper sprayer

That’s right!  Even though we ditched our sprayer initially, we’ve since moved house and have attached better sprayers in both our bathrooms!  Though the dunk-n-swish method is, in my opinion, super easy, I can understand why it would put people off.  Not only do the sprayers make it a lot easier to rinse off those poopy diapers, they also double as a family bidet!  Fresh tooshies all around!

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3) Spray Guard

spray pal for cloth diapersspray stand for cloth diapers

Whether you DIY your own spray guard or purchase one THIS IS A MUST for spraying diapers.  You can definitely get away with not using one, but you may find that cleaning your bathroom takes on a whole new meaning without it.

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4) Diaper Liners

disposable cloth diaper linerscloth diaper liners reusable

My number one piece of advice I give new cloth parents who are squeamish when it comes to dealing with the poop is to buy liners.  You can get disposable liners or go with reusable ones.  Heck, you can even make your own!  Either way it makes plopping the poo a lot easier and cleaning up a cinch.

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5) Rubber Gloves

rubber gloves for cloth diapers

Some parents don’t mind dealing with poopy diapers gloveless… my husband and I on the other hand do not!  We have a dedicated set of diaper gloves hidden under our sink.  You can also get some fancy gloves designed specifically for cloth diapering!

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6) Dryer Balls

dryer balls for cloth diapers

We were already using dryer balling before our little cloth diaper baby came along (hello - who wants to buy dryer sheets every month? Again back to me not wanting to spend money on unnecessary things…)

Since dryer sheets can reduce the absorbency of your diapers, hopefully you’ve already ditched them. The dryer balls help to reduce static and help to dry your diapers quicker in my experience. 

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Comment below and let me know what cloth diaper accessories you just can't live without.


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