Cloth Diapers 101 - Avoiding Leaks Overnights

Cloth Diapers 101 - Avoiding Leaks Overnights

If you’re struggling with leaks when cloth diapering overnight, know that you are not alone!  A LOT of families experience leakage overnight and questions if they should stick with cloth or switch to disposables for bedtime.

Cloth Diapers 101 for beginners avoiding leaks overnight

Before you run to the store and pick up a box of disposable diapers, remember that disposable diapers leak all the time too!  And let’s not forget about those nasty blow-outs!  YUCK! 
It’s funny that most people just accept things like blow-out with disposables, but the instant you experience any leakage with cloth diapers they are quick to tell you that you should switch to disposables.   I'm here to tell you that you don't!

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Here are my top 4 tips for cloth diapering overnight:

  1. Use cloth diapers that have a waterproof belly guard.
    This will help to create a dam of sorts so that the moisture doesn't creepy up from your baby’s diaper onto their clothes.  This is also very helpful if you have a belly sleeper.

  2. Make sure you have a good fit on your baby. 
    CLICK HERE to learn how to get the perfect fit.

  3. Use additional inserts and / or try out different kinds of materials.  
    Microfiber inserts often came with most pocket cloth diapers.  They are very quick drawing of liquid, but unfortunately can act like a sponge.  This means that, once the insert if full of liquid, and compression to the diaper can create compression leaks.  We've found that it's not a problem for our family during the day, however at night our LO needs more absorbency.
    In comes natural fiber inserts!  Most natural fibers will give you extra locked-in liquid storage.  For instance: bamboo inserts are not quite as fast absorbing as microfiber is, however it locks the moisture in place! No more nasty compression leaks.
    In our home we use a combination of: one microfiber insert and one bamboo insert (which we put under the microfiber). Some families like using two bamboo inserts (or whatever natural fiber insert that they use).  It’s really a game of trial and error to find out what works for your little one. There is no right or wrong way to combine inserts so play around and get creative!
  1. Extra bulk = different fit.
    I know I've already mentioned fit, however, be aware that, since you’ve added additional inserts, that you may have to adjust the fit of the diaper on your baby to allow for the extra bulk.  You may have to secure the snaps differently than you for during the day. 

What are you favourite tips for keeping your baby dry at night?  Please comment below to share. 


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