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Cloth Diapers 101 - How to get the Perfect Fit

Getting the right fit during diaper changes is essential for reducing leaks and increasing your baby’s comfort in their cloth diapers.  Here are some helpful hints on how to get that perfect fit!

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Cloth Diapers 101 for beginners how to get the perfect fit

  1. The first thing you want to do is to make sure that your diaper is on the right size setting for your little one.  Our One-Size-Fits-All pocket diapers have four settings you can work with.
    pocket cloth diaper sizing chart - 4 diapers showing snap options for different sizes: 7-11lbs, 12-17lbs, 18-25lbs, 26-35lbs

    TIP: Once you have the snaps in place you can actually leave them done up as you're washing the pockets. This will just help to lengthen the lifespan of the snaps. 

  2. Lay the back end of the diaper underneath your baby and line up the top edge of the diaper with your baby’s navel.  
    fitting cloth diaper onto baby - line up diaper with navel

  3. Create a U-shape with the bulk of the diaper that sits between your baby’s legs.  This will create a little pocket to catch your baby’s waste.
    fitting cloth diaper onto baby - create u-shape with bulk of diaper between baby's legs

  4. As you’re pulling the front of the diaper over your baby’s belly, be sure to tuck the edges into the underwear line - right in your baby’s leg creases.  This is going to help to prevent leaks.

  5. Wrap the tabs snuggly around your baby’s waist, and be sure to flatten out any bulking material.  Secure the top waist snaps first, followed by the bottom leg snaps.  There shouldn’t be any cutting at your baby’s waist and you should be able to fit about two fingers in the front. 
    fitting cloth diaper onto baby - two fingers space at waist

  6. Tuck the edges on the legs holes into your baby’s leg creases again to be sure that only the waterproof PLU outer layer is showing.
    fitting cloth diaper onto baby - tuck edges into leg creases

    TIP: Play around with the snap settings until you have the best fit for your baby.  You can loosen up the leg holes by bringing the leg snaps further apart from the centre.  And there’s nothing to say you can’t have an asymmetrical waist snap setting! 

  7. Hold your baby down lightly and give the bulk of the diaper a little tug downwards to create a pocket between your baby’s bottom and the inside of the diaper.

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