Top 5 Overnight Cloth Diaper Solutions

Top 5 Overnight Cloth Diaper Solutions

If nightmares of leaks and wet crib mattresses are keeping you up at night then this post will help you rest easy once again! 

Finding the right overnight solution so that your baby (and crib sheets) stay dry through the night is one of the things that keep many cloth diapering families up at night.

Here are my top 5 overnight solutions to keep your baby dry and to help you catch some extra shut-eye:

1) Make sure your diapers have a tummy panel

The design of cloth diapers will vary from brand to brand, so keeping an eye on the small details can turn your cloth diapering experience from a nightmare into a dream.  Something as simple as a waterproof tummy panel on the inside of the diaper can make a huge difference when trying to keep your little one from waking up with wet pajamas (especially if your child likes to sleep on their belly).  The tummy panel acts like a dam, stopping any extra moisture from travelling up the front of your baby’s diaper and onto their clothes.  It’s all in the details!

2) Ditch the microfiber!

Sign.. yet another post about the cons of using microfiber.  I personally think microfiber inserts get a bad rap, and that they have a time and a place… but using microfiber inserts overnight can lead to a leaky disaster!  Microfiber acts like a sponge and draws in moisture really quickly… but the downside to that is that, just like a sponge, if you squeeze them all the moisture will spill back out again!  In the cloth diapering community we call this compression leaks - when your baby’s microfiber insert is full of moisture and then your little one starts to roll around you can almost guarantee an unwanted leak is around the corner!  Try switching your microfiber inserts out for more natural fibers like bamboo, hemp or cotton that will help lock the moisture in.

3) Boost boost boost!

Adding some additional inserts, boosters, or even a cloth wipe to help increase absorbency. Can go a long way!  Getting the right combination down pat will take some trial and error so don’t give up if your first attempt isn’t up to snuff.  Try out our new XL bamboo snake inserts and get creative with your folding technique!  Try adding more padding at the bottom for girls and more at the front for boys. 

4) Repurpose your old burp cloth

..or even an old t-shirt that you found stuffed in the back of your closet.  Almost anything can be used as an insert, and those burn clothes you have laying sound (or flats) have saved many parents’ sanity!  It can be as easy as folding them up so that they resemble the shape of an insert and stuffing them onto your diapers.  I like to wrap my flats around bamboo or help insert to get some mega absorbency!  

5) Invest in a mattress protector

Alas, nothing is going to work 100% of the time, not even disposables.  Leaks are bound to happen.  Save yourself some hassle and worry by investing in a couple mattress protectors for easy clean-up when those inevitable leaks happen.

A leak doesn't mean you’re bad at cloth diapering so remember - keep your chin up, experiment and adapt as your child’s needs change, and let yourself laugh a little along the way.  One day soon, your little one will be sleeping soundly through the night - dry bottom and all.


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