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Hello there! Brittany & Sophie here - the cloth mom and her baby behind Earth & Pebble.  I'm just a mom on a mission to reduce my own personal waste and to do my part in helping you do the same.

Having made the switch to reusable feminine products many years ago - seeing how easy, clean and financially freeing it was - it was an easy step for me to start cloth diapering straight away with my firstborn.
When I would tell people we decided to go with cloth I had a variety of reactions ranging from, “You're brave!” to “Eww gross!”.  While I truly believe that every family needs to make the right decision for their OWN family’s needs, I feel as if families aren’t being provided with enough information to make an educated decision on whether cloth diapers are a viable option for them.
My mission is to normalize cloth diapering, contribute to the welfare of our planet, and use products that are kinder to our little ones!
Thank you for supporting our small business!  You are the heart and soul of earth & pebble and we would be no where without you.  Thank you for caring enough about the Earth to take the road less travelled.  Most of all thank you for modelling to your little ones the power our choices have on the future.

Located in Ottawa, Ontario - Canada

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[Pre-Order] Busy Bee Collection (AWJ)
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