What is a Pre-Order List?

At Earth & Pebble, our pre-order lists are a "Order Now - Pay Later" system, which means you can reserve your prints today before they are in stock, with no money down and no commitment!

Payment will only be due once the items are in stock and are ready to be shipped to you.

BONUS: All orders placed during the specified Pre-Order window get a FREE gift!


  1. Add your items to your cart.
  2. Select the "Pay Later" option in your cart.
  3. To redeem you FREE diaper pod: add the pod of your choosing to your cart.  The cost of the pod will be removed prior to payment.  
  4. You will receive an email requesting payment only once your order is ready to be shipped.
  5. Once your request for payment is sent, you will be able to add any discount codes to your pre-order before paying! :)

Busy Bee Collection R1: (ETA end of June, 2022).

Need more help?  Contact me at contact@earthandpebble.com

Happy shopping! 🌞

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[Pre-Order] Busy Bee Collection (AWJ)
[Pre-Order] Busy Bee Collection (AWJ)
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